Seed Index

 The Pilot Grove CO-OP is proud to sell Agrigold and NK brand corn and soybean seed, with options of corn in 80k unit bags or 40-50 unit pro boxes, and soybeans in 140k unit bags, 40 unit mini bulk and True bulk. We carry conventional corn all the way up to fully traited, with Roundup Ready and Liberty Link tolerance, and soybeans conventional, Roundup Ready, Liberty Link, and RR2Extend. The CO-OP has several seed tenders for customer use on a first come basis, or we will be happy to deliver to your planter or tender. We also have a commercial seed treater with the ability to treat corn, soybeans and wheat, with a broad range of treatments to fit your farm’s needs.   

Call the CO-OP (660-834-5412) or give David (660-621-2338) or Ryan (660-621-2537) a call for prices and options on seed for your farm today!